‘Hari Cartoonlu’ Telugu Cartoons Book is now available for free download.
Hari worked as a Political Cartoonist in some of the Telugu newspapers and magazines. About nine thousand cartoons drawn by him were published in Telugu, English, Hindi, Gujarati magazines.
He started Visakha Cartoonists Samgham (Vikasam) and organized cartoon exhibitions and competitions. He played a key role in conducting workshops for children and encouraged them to draw cartoons. He worked as Associate Cartoonist for ‘Cartoon Watch’ magazine published from Chattisgadh. Some of his cartoons were also exhibited in international forums. Now he is into making Short Animation Films.
He published ‘Hari Cartoonlu’ and ‘Jagame Maya’ cartoon books.
Download Hari Cartoonlu Book (PDF:5.36 MB) from www.vikasadhatri.org

Dhan Uday

Dhan Uday
Bethala Vijay Vardhan Raj and GK Uday published their cartoons in the name of Dhan Uday. They started drawing cartoons when they were studying Intermediate in VSR & NVR College, Tenali. Their first cartoon appeared in Andhra Patrika.

GK Uday

GK Uday is a Telugu cartoonist from Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. He also writes on social issues in various Telugu magazines. Most of his cartoons appeared in Andhra Patrika, Andhra Bhoomi, Sravanthi weeklies and Vikasa Dhatri Monthly. In the initial stage, he imitated the famous cartoonist Babu and most of his characters resemble that. Bethala Vijaya Vardhan Raj and Uday together published cartoons in the name of Dhan Uday.