It was a hot summer day. A crow was very thirsty. Its throat was dry and parched .It felt it would die for want of water.
The crow searched for water everywhere but could not find any. Finally the crow found a pot.There was very little water in the pot. The crow dipped its beak into the pot in desperation. But its beak could not reach the water which was far down. The crow tried to reach the water a number of times. It was so tired by then.
The crow sat down and thought of a solution. It got a bright idea! The crow immediately went and brought some pebbles. It dropped the pebbles one by one in the pot. The pebbles settled at the bottom of the pot and the water rose. The crow happily dipped its beak into the pot and drank the water.
These days ponds, rivers, lakes and water holes are contaminated. The water is getting polluted. Human beings can buy bottled water from the market. But what about the crows, pigeons, sparrows? Where will they get money to buy safe drinking water? How will they quench their thirst?

If there is no water to drink, we will die. This story tells why we should why we should conserve water. This story also demonstrates that if we have solutions, we can tackle the problem with ease.
The water supplied in cities and towns is known to cause disease. Due to some reason or other , one can see people falling sick. What should we do to make drinking water availablefor everyone?
Several measures should be taken to provide water for everybody. Nature provides water for all but it is we humans who are depleting our resources.